Frequently Asked Questions

Following the live course, you will be granted access to the online multiple-choice test. Navigate to MY COURSES > Select course > Scroll down to “Course Test”. You will need to enter the test password which will be given to you after the live course.

Upon test completion and pass verification, you will be emailed a certificate with the lecturer signature and Tracks & Gaps stamp of approval! As easy as that! You will receive your certificate within 5 working days after test completion. Go ahead, gloat about it!

Simply navigate to My Account > Select course > Select Live Stream. We’ll also email clear instructions with the link to the course. Simply click on the link in the reminder email, connect and enjoy the show. We use a video conference software to stream the content, you can join via links in the reminder emails or via the Tracks&Gaps website once logged in.

You can react with claps or smiley faces during the course or submit questions on chat. The best part is that after the course you will have an opportunity to ask the lecturer questions live. Or, you can sit back and sip a tasty beverage while you enjoy learning on Tracks&Gaps.

We pride ourselves on the concept of live lessons and “ask the guru yourself”. This is the value that we can give to our students, by allowing them the opportunity to ask the experts a question live! Unfortunately, our courses will not be recorded. If the course was missed, please email

The steps involved in this process are really simple. All you need to do is:
  • Select the live course you would like to purchase and click Book Your Seat
  • You will be redirected to the course payment page
  • You have the option to pay with PayPal (USD) or Payfast (ZAR)
  • Follow the instructions to complete payment.
  • You will be redirected back to Tracks&Gaps where you will find the paid courses under the My Account section.
  • PayPal - USD
  • PayFast – ZAR Credit card, Debit Card, EFT, Instant EFT

Our courses are live via video conference software at specific, scheduled times. All information regarding course times, duration, etc will be on the course page. You will receive email reminders prior to the lesson. You can join via links in the reminder emails or by clicking My Courses / My Account section of the website once logged in.

We now understand when the saying goes “time flies when you’re having fun”. The average course duration is +- 1-hour excluding the live question session. We also have masterclasses that consist of 3 days, 4 hours per day with sessions that cover specific topics from start to end.

During the course, you can ask questions via the chat, we will try to answer during the Q&A section of the course. Alternatively, you could ask the lecturer questions after the course during the final Q&A Session. If you still have any outstanding questions for the lecturer, please email